Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Dr. Money And The Boy With No Penis

David Reimer (birth name: Bruce Reimer, born: August 22, 1965 -- died [suicide]: May 4, 2004) was not an intersex person. He was the victim of a botched newborn circumcision, which destroyed his penis. Being one of two twins, he became the perfect subject for Johns Hopkins University psychologist John Money to test his theory that gender is learned through nurturing. Under John Money's advice, David (then known as Bruce) was renamed Brenda and reassigned as female. Even when the case was a failure, John Money continued presenting it as a success (the John/Joan case), and it was the base for Johns Hopkins treatment of intersex children - and in general the surgical treatment of intersex babies through the world.

John Money's ideas have been damaging to thousands of intersex individuals who have been subjected to surgical gender reassignment and other unnecessary procedures, generally in early childhood.

Personally, I see newborn circumcision and intersex surgeries on the same light: forced "elective" surgeries on children who do not need it, and who are forced to live with the consequences.

David Reimer's case was not unlike those of many intersex individuals.

The Tragic Life of Sexually Reassigned David Reimer

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The person who posted this part writes:

I lost the data of the last minute and half of the end of the program- but it ends with David Reimer saying: "I'm living proof and if your not gonna take my word as gospel, because I have lived through it who else you gonna listen too? Who else is there ? Is it gonna take somebody winding up killing themself- shooting themself in the head for people to listen?"

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